Portland Area Historical Society
all meetings are open to the public
meeting location: Portland District Library
meeting date: 7pm, 4th Tues. every month (except Dec.)

The Portland Area Historical Society was founded in 1969 on the centennial of the founding of Portland, Michigan. Since then, we've been preserving the history of the Portland area through the archiving of photos and documents as well as the collection of oral histories of the area's people, places, and events.

The Historical Society meets monthly in the community room at the Portland District Library. Meetings are open to the public. Whether you've lived in Portland your entire life or have recently moved to the area, you're sure to enjoy learning about the significant and mundane happenings from the last two centuries in the heart of Michigan.



Portland Observer
July 13, 1904

A bite received from a cow, while he was visiting in Pennsylvania, has caused rabies to develop in Martin Quinn, formerly of Owosso, and he is now at the Pasteur Institute, New York, receiving treatment.

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